Tuesday, March 9, 2010


After evicting the bar guy and hearing about the unsuccessful raid for drugs on the restaurant I know I'm in danger. The restaurant owner would not show up on saturday and explain why the door to the basement had a new lock on it. There is no reason to lock that door unless your hiding something.My nephew danny and I busted it off and also broke off the lock attachments. We already told him not to lock it so the meters can get read as necessary. Now I have to go back sunday a give more eviction papers to a tenant who boyfriend already threatened me.The structural engineer is trying to charge me 700.00 for an estimate on work to be done to the foundation.He says if I don't pay him he'll turn my dangerous building in to the city of chicago violations department.Fucking assholes, do they think I was born yesterday? Lets see how he likes responding to the Attorney General's office.PIG.Well I will now attempt to do my real homework, no promises though.

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