Saturday, March 20, 2010


I got a call from dan today he wants me to go to the cook county jail tomorrow and get the whole story about Mikes case. am I ready? are you ever? as he was crying on the phone to me the tears welled up in my eyes as I realized how much dan loved Mike and called him his uncle.We all want resolution so bad to go to such lengths to get it seems insane. But, my intuition already told me I was going and three people I asked all told me to go.Feeling already like hamburger meat so what could it possibly hurt? I'm already a basket case,bundle of raw nerves and so on. I know that if I do not go I will always wonder if I got the truth or if the information could have helped the D A solve the case. as it is it seems really week on one of the assailants.Why me? I ask, who else will listen my intuition says.It (my intuition) has not steered me wrong yet when I listen, but when I guess I'm almost always wrong.How can the sub-conscious be so right and the "rational" conscious mind be mostly incorrect.Brittany is totally against me going but I will go.I must go. Only when I'm in front of a person can i sense if there lying or telling the truth.Mike be there with me and keep me strong and calm...

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