Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Research paper free write

What do I talk about with friends:economy,how to get by,advice on issues,housing crisis,depression,God,hope for a better tomorrow.The thing I hate about the news is it's 90% or more bad news only.When they caught the people charged with my brothers death it was on page 5 and a small article.However ,when he got killed it was front page in papers and 1st on the news for 5 or more nights. Never see updates on stories.Little or no positive stories of hope or helping others.World affairs are over my head. i can't even get a grip on my world much less someone else's.Movies:Ghost movies and comedies and different ones like,Labrinth,boondock saints,constitine,equaliberium,nothin' to lose with martin laurence is one of my favorites.I love a good movie. You completely check out of your life and are in someone else's for 2 hours.So it seems.Pitch black, benny and june and narnia are some others I like.Theres still so many I haven't seen. Television now consists of news and a couple of off beat shows like medium and house and greys anatomy. I only have a converter box so I only get 5 channels even though I have an antenna as big as a car.Fuck You digital converter box and FCC for changing frequencies. probably write my paper on Mike's death the police screw ups and the shitty 911 center and all the fucked up laws that allow squatters to stay and fine you if they're selling drugs.

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  1. Okay. What makes news "bad" news. Who decides this? Why do news stations program the way they do? This could be an interesting topic. Why are people so much more interested in bad news over good?