Saturday, March 13, 2010


What an amazing day,such gifts of trust and friendship I am truly blessed. The pain is at bay and I am functional once more.Fire at the restaurant did more damage than I thought and with the gas co. coming out monday to fix 3 broken valves and the foundation problems I'm feeling trapped. I wish the building would sell but even with 116,000 a year income it won't move for what its worth.the bidders aren't even in the ball park. If I am stuck doing this for some time I want to spread out the work so i'm not so overwhelmed.between the bus work, school work, house work and soon census I can't do it anymore than 1 day a week. Thank God spring break is coming soon.I want this to be over but I can't force the issue so toslow it down seems the only alternative.Happy 20 baby......

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