Sunday, March 14, 2010


10 months ago Mike got killed,now being a victim of violent crime I can know what it does to others. The ups and downs are an extreme I have never before experienced with the emotional turmoil like no other issue. Being plunged back into a world(central Chicago)that I left twenty years ago has been frustrating and disheartening. I don't want to do this anymore. I fight within myself the reasons I am still heading this project and it isn't clear anymore. Even though I am the only family member that can and will complete this task I do wish i had more help. I don't feel safe anymore, and even when I'm threatened it takes police 35 minutes to arrive. God help me finish this task ,sell the building and get on with my life. Please send buyers and fast my resolve is weening. I'm crumbling under the weight and complexity of this task. mistakes are few and far between, I don't expect perfection, but I do want completion. I want out....soon.The last 300 days have been such a challenge. Today I was provided a sign negotiator, thank you baby Jesus,I was out of my mind when i accepted that task. Today I get an estimate from a structural engineer and knowing the condition the foundation is in it's not going to be cheep.I'm currently out of my mind so leave a message.

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