Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Kristen, I'm going with the topic of murder for my research paper. The media thing was a dead end and too confusing for me.There are a lot of sources on that subject matter and also it may help me come to some conclusions myself. Secondly I'm sorry i am so late on all my work...something has changed ,my anger no longer keeps me going. Somehow the wind is gone and I am left in this neutral emotion with absolutely no energy or strife. I am forcing myself to get stuff done again till im back in motion.Thanks for your patience.I handed off all foundation matters to my sister and most management issues to nelson freeing up more time.I'm still crawling through this and trying not to quit on anyone who needs my help. Mike was my hero, brother,God father to my children, mentor and spiritual teacher.He was also the only family member who really helped me unconditionally. he never made you feel bad about your choices and was there to help you pick up the pieces and move forward. I still can't fathom living without my kind and dear brother in my life.I just spent 3 days sleeping with only getting up for an hour or two, some kind of a stress crash. also, my counsler changed my appointment on me this week,not a good time for me to put it off,I guess it can wait till next week nothing is going to change.

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