Thursday, April 1, 2010


research paper will be on the complexities of murder.what pushes people that far? what mental states justify and rationalize this behavior? why do they almost always deny it? I had a co-worker,Jane Reth, who was extradited to Alaska for her husbands murder 22 years ago.I don't understand how people go that far and are not sorry!ANYHEW stress crash lasted three day,then i felt resurrected into another someone drugging me....I feel peaceful,more peaceful than i've ever felt before. It's very distracting, can't stay focused on anything,but it's good to have a break from that crushing emotional pain and helplessness from Mike's murder.It will be some kind of miracle if I ever get my shit together again......

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  1. I'm lost as to which blogs you have completed. Help me out, here.