Saturday, October 31, 2009

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There`s a lot of other factors I`m just not seeing. Why am I doing this? Because I worked in that store,know those people and have street smarts.Why can`t I find a lawyer that`s willing to go after the police and 911 center? Because mayor Daley passed a law that you can no longer sue the police department.Why didn`t Mike have his gun when he was closing up. Because in Chicago store owners can no longer carry a gun.Why did he stay? because he was making a difference.In July I finally went into the assailants apartment because someone was trying to break into it. The steal door was pealed all the way back exposing the locks and bolt mechanisms. They didn`t get in. I found the keys and went in. they left so much stuff behind and were in jail. were there still drugs in there? I called the police and asked for a cop and if possible a drug dog. $ hours later no one came and no return call.They didn`t refuse,They just didn`t show.So it was getting dark and I needed to get out of there.We through everything out and put an alarm system in the unit and set it off. Now everyone knew we had an alarm.Still no cops.I`m doing this for Brittany and for Mike.He would have done it for me.One of the greatest memories of my brother is how understanding and non-judgmental he was.He was your friend no matter what.He loaned money to so many people and helped so many get sober that everyone seemed to love him.That community told me how much he meant to them. That`s why he didn`t leave. he was making a difference. Thank you God that you loaned Micheal J. Norton to us for 55 years. May the people that killed him rot in hell.

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