Sunday, November 1, 2009


I took my son with me to the building today to collect rents.The bar guy who burned my brother for 10,000 was not in ,home with a headache.And so it goes 1/2 pay,1/2 hide until I find them. the last restaurant owner tried to blow the place up by leaving the gas on. They even changed residences so it would be harder to track them down for their past debt.Never paying rent on time,getting behind,and never even trying to catch up was the game.No wonder Mike couldn`t get out of there.I can`t get out of there.5 hours later only 1/2 the rents are collected on Nov. 1st.I`ll try again next week with some phone calls to try and get their bullshit explanations.Brittany was really in a bad spot today. Nothing anyone could do to help,you could see the pain she was in. It made it real all over again,like day 1.The confusion,helplessness,hopelessness and the internal battle that there are no answers for.The chaos of estate matters is never ending.It really doesn`t matter,no matter what we do,we can`t make it better or bring him back.I now dread the holidays because he won`t be there.My brother was a big part of my life.I had a vision yesterday.This life insurance company said Mike didn`t make his last payment, but I think he did. We looked for cancelled checks but none were found for the payment.I saw myself as Mike calling on the phone and paying with a credit card.It seemed so real i`ll have to have Marge check all his accounts during that time period.

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