Saturday, October 31, 2009

blog 2 I think

June 1st 2009,I`m at Mike`s building trying to collect the rents for Brittney. Part of me has a death wish just to be relieved of my pain and grief.I start at the tire shop. Jose telling me he don`t know how this happened and gives me the rent.I find out later it`s 80.00 short when I finally get a copy of the rent books held in evidence.Getting those copies was a whole other scenario of phone calls.Then the bar guy,Jose Pagan, another kind of liar.Owed my brother 10,000 we`ll never see.He actually faked a fall in the back of the building not once but twice to try and sue.Why pay your rent when you can slouch and try to sue.Then the restaurant, Lucus taco,no rent ran and hid for 3 weeks as if the gangs were after him. Couldn`t even get in to let Nicor reed the meters. I could not find keys.

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