Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Con artists and bullshitters come out of the woodwork when your vonerable. I was prime bait.The last lus never had the rent on time. then she was going to move and then she wasn`t. Lost a months rent out of the deal.I was fearful of renting the 2 empty units because I didn`t want to move more drug dealers in.Mike lost his life standing up for what he believed in. So I left the units empty for a few months until I learned how to screen people. The store is empty and sold now to a new owner.I feel so empty like the store,everything given away or moved to storage.My emotions are raw and intensified. Two other men ,friends of my brothers,came and talked to me.they were there that day right before it happened.They both said Mike wouldn`t talk to them.He was just standing there silent.They didn`t understand his behavior so they left. They told me they now suspect the criminals were in the back room holding a gun on him.Mike was not one to let anyone else get hurt because of his problems. No matter what I do nothing will change the fact that Mike is dead. I try to remember the good times,the fishing trips,the comedy clubs and the birthday parties. I try my best to be grateful Mike was my brother and a great dad to Brittany. My heart is broken. When they shot Mike they shot all of us. Some day the pan is so bad I don`t want to get out of bed. The goal I have set for myself are high but not unattainable. I sold the store w/o a Realtor,I can sell that whole building w/o one. I`m still fighting the Illinois state lottery for the 11,900.00 they`re trying to take from Brittany for the stolen instant tickets.The chaos with the city and their violations is a whole other unfinished story.There`s so many problems that come up it`s overwhelming. No time to grieve Nora get busy.

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