Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Com ed will not turn the lights back on because the last tenant didn`t pay her bill.Now the new 1 month tenants,Mike`s killers,want the lights on.The building owner can be held responsible for tenant not paying lights.Mike wanted these gang squatters out he certainly was not going to pay the lights so they could stay. So they sat in the dark with their 4 children that also were not on the lease. the light bill was 1700.00 how did it get that high? They kept threatening Mike so he gave them their deposit and may rent back,He told them to leave go sell their drugs somewhere else. He told them he had 23 years years of sobriety and he could not allow them to sell drugs and guns out of his building. It seemed at that point the cops were on the side of the gangs,but there was no proof.So he got up went to work and when he was closing up they surprised him. Had him at gun point, beat him, tied him up with plastic wire an shot him in the back of the head. Why did it take the police 18 minutes to get there after the first 911 call? Why did it still take 10 minutes after the second?The police station is only 2 miles away. Isn`t armed robbery a priority call? Evidently not in Chicago.Now I`m here at the store tearing the family business apart to take home memorabilia and try to bring some closure to this mess.

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