Saturday, October 31, 2009

blog 4 I THINK

Now for the apartments,1st joanne`s, only 550 a month for a 2 bedroom. was he crazy. she had been there 15 years. I remembered her from when I worked at the corner store with Mike and my dad. Always dated younger guys 20-30 years younger.Next Anitas apartment 575 for a two bedroom. still the cheapest in the area. She always had her rent also.Who wouldn`t at that price.One of the worst things about going down there was listening to the different scenarios of what happened to Mike. Part of me wanted to shut them up buy what if I found out some key evidence the police didn`t have.So I listened and the more I heard the more I didn`t want to know. Things like my brother calling the police several times to get help to get the drug dealing tenants out. All they did was threaten to fine him or take his building away. He wanted them arrested for threatening to kill him and the cops did nothing.The gang members shot a bullet through the front window of the store and all the police cameras caught nothing. Finally com ed cut off the lights for lack of payment and they blamed him.They and the police told Mike he could not evict them even though they were squatter friends of the last tenant.So he followed the law.gave them a 1 month lease to establish residency to help the eviction.

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