Thursday, October 1, 2009

mike norton murder chicago

This is the search words I always use to stay updated on my brothers case. May 14th 2009, the phone rang, it was my x. Then he said the words I never want to hear again. "Mike was robbed" he said. 'What happened" I asked. He said it was not good. I told him to get to the point. He claimed he did not make it. I did not want to believe him so I called the district 5 police. I told them that I was the youngest sister of micheal norton the store owner that was killed at north aveenue and cicero and was the body still at the scene. They extended their condolences and said "yes". I had to call my family before it hit the 9 or 10pm news. I could only get myself to call jimmy. A policeman for thirty years or more I knew jim would kwow what to do.

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