Sunday, November 1, 2009


Lets not forget the crazies I`ve met along the way.Jackie who claimed to be a paralegal and a friend of my brothers was so insane she would lie from sentence to sentence.Biggest bullshitter you ever met but she sure did get those slacking porch contractors to finish. She was so convincing the she could have their contractors licence pulled that they finished the job.We actually subpoenaed them to a court date for a building violation they caused.So they finished before the court date because they didn`t know what would happen.After that she was useless though,got nothing done that she said she was doing.When I asked for the files she had to check her work she lost it.Talk about multiple personality disorder,she was a prime example.A learning experience I won`t soon forget.Very painful were her personal attacks to try and cover her tracks,and then she was trying to extort money from the estate of a minor after she embezzled 50 dollars from a tenant she was supposed to be evicting.We were not giving another dime.I can`t tell you how many people came to see the store to buy it.All wanted it for a liquor store but 1. He got it.Now If I could just sell that building so I could get the hell out of there before I lose it.

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