Tuesday, November 3, 2009


As I make my first expense sheet for the property I`m trying to sell for my niece ,I take time to reflect on my progress.I am pleased. Even though this has been one of the most painful and emotional years of my life ,I see the person I`ve become ,and I like her.I went to a dangerous area in Chicago,collected rents,solved problems,rented apartments and commercial spaces,made leases,held an auction,sold my brothers store,and co-ordinated all the help we needed to fix what I could not.I found a psychic and developed my own abilities to solve the problems of this complex estate.My ability to sense evidence to turn into the police and find needed information with my senses instead of my eyes even freaked me out.I always knew I could read people and their behaviors more easily than others,but I never believed I had psychic abilities to the extent I have experienced.Mike was in my dream as I went to his store that first day to start to resolve these issues.The customers and neighbors that loved him came to us with their stories and turmoil.No one understood how this could happen on such a busy corner with so many friends around.No one understood how it could take the police 18 minutes to get there after the first 911 call.Some people came in the store and said Mike was not talking to them which was strange.All I could tell them that He wasn`t going to get anyone hurt.He probably thought he could hanle it like the other times.If the cops would have shown up sooner there would have been a hostage situation and not a murder.But they had 18 minutes and something went wrong.Now we can never go back,only forward.I`m a softer more sensitive person today because of my brother Mike and Brittany.Seems I cannot change back even if I wanted too.I will continue to challenge my gifts and senses to see were they take me.

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