Monday, May 3, 2010


Brittany is self-destructing now and there is nothing I can do for her.when my mom died I ran from the pain also.such a sweet smart girl risking everything because of pain. counselling doesn't seem to be helping only enabling.the problem is all the lying we never get to the truth.there is no place to hide when were truthful,but it's more peaceful and you don't have to remember all your bullshit lies.I started yoga exercise and meditation.the stress is more than I can bear so I workout and then hold still for 10 minutes and hope I don't have a nervous breakdown.also her new boyfriend is really scary and creepy and a criminal and a DJ.he is too much trouble for her I hope she wakes up. She totaled her latest car running into the back of a semi-truck. wow not hurt but woah 4th or 5th accident already,girl put down the phone! marge is crumbling under the weight of this task also. she thought she was having a nervous breakdown. where is the help we need,where are my other siblings? why don't they care? please Dear God sell this beast of a building so we all can get out of this the way, the third gang boy that went into kill mike is not around anymore,i wonder why?1 in jail 2 to go......

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