Monday, May 3, 2010

blog 6- may 3rd 2010

crumbling under the weight of this task. strange new assignments keep popping up. It's been almost a year mike when will this be over.oziz has placed a bid and we accepted,but he has to get a loan.please God get him approved,he has the 25% down emotions are raw ,my friendships strained to the point of I lost some.feeling very alone and overwhelmed most of the time.some times i wish they would shoot me too so i don't have to feel this pain,hurt and grief.Brittany needs me and so do my i put 1 foot in front of the other and continue to try and wrap up this mess.found a new renter for bar and upstairs apt.fully rented again.I still send my ex to collect the rent in case they want to kill for money.LOL mike's last income tax is due and i still can't find that credit card payment and make those life insurance assholes pay.soo many cards and accounts.a womans work is never done.

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