Saturday, May 8, 2010

blog 10 5-8-10

Gut wrenching emotion transmuted into peace with tears.finally a decent offer for the building.I don't want to do this anymore but I promised Brittany I would not abandon her with this mess .I knew it would take a year to come to a close but it looks like it will take longer.Please Dear God let this man buy it.I'm so up and down i understand what bi-poler feels tired of it all but afraid to let it go.can someone else do what I do as effectively as me,I doubt it.what is my fixation with being the hero or fixer of this mess. well it's not like anyone else has stepped up to the plate.It has to be done.Why Mike Why? why didn't you ask for help ,why didn't you leave,why did you give up?with the memorial meeting this friday Brittany wants me to give the lead on mine and Mike's life combined. aught to be interesting ,haven't thought of some of those crazy years much till now.I hope I can meet her expectations with what I say.I also hope I don't start balling and then can't compose myself to finish.Fear always at my side to lead me to doubt.My psychic abilities have grown and clarified.with ease I can predict human behavior. My readings are 1 day in the future.Where's the lottery numbers Mike so I can do this full time.It's very interesting where this is taking me.Did my brother sacrifice his life so we could all grow spiritually? I donno ,it's easier to take if I try to believe that sometimes.To my brother Mike Norton: I miss you,I love you and I will keep working with Brittany for you....and anything else you need me to do. Nora Norton

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