Tuesday, May 4, 2010

blog 9 5-4-10

why is everything falling apart. life was so steady 1 month ago.were all raw with Mike's death anniversary coming in ten days. Marge has been especially challenged by Brittany's new defiant attitude and life style. good for her,going AWOL ,just like I did after my mom died suddenly.but she has to deal with the fact that the killers stole her dad from her,that it wasn't a natural death,not his time.This new and dangerous boyfriend is so controlling and manipulative she can't see through it. It's gut-wrenching to stand by and watch,powerless to change any of it.Why can't she see through his bullshit lies,doesn't she want to? sometimes we don't we prefer the distraction from our reality.crazy is better than sad and depressed.I agree,but the consequences could be massive.My daughter had one of her psychic dreams that he will physically hurt her. I believe it. He defends his crazy lifestyle even to me on the phone yesterday.God help us .when will my life not suck?let me rephrase that:soon this building will sell,she will come to her senses,and we can all safely get on with our lives!!!!!!!!

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