Monday, May 3, 2010


We had to cancell the prayer vigil by mike's store because Earthquake is still all over owning that block with his gang.several people told me he was the shooter but with his family police connections it will take american most wanted to break the case.locals sweep it under the rug.the residents are as afraid of the police as they are of the gangs.1 witness was paraded past gang members on the way to drop her off after they tried to manipulate her into changing her testimony. so she went into hiding,she refused the witness protection money because when they relocate you everyone knows where you are she said.this game is getting scary now that i want to live again.please dear God get me out of there, time when one of the tenants were telling the police that Earthquake killed my brother the next day he was jumped and they broke a vertebrae in his neck and did it get back from the police to the gangs that fast.another tenant was threatened with death by Earthquake if they testified,I called the cops and they had a talk with him.Last I heard they(cops and gangs) are on the same side.the city of chicago is in utter chaos.35 minites it took the police to get to me when I was being threatened by that drunk tenant we evicted.Why 35 minutes,don't they care?

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