Tuesday, February 2, 2010


wishin' I was dead today.In that damn create a blog class, (haha), so regardless the class I cannot stop myself from checking out. back to my story. Mike's store finally sold and the new guy is totally rehabbing the place GOOD but without permits BAD I hope he has bribery money on him.The tenant that treatened me last month has not been out of his apt drunk or sober THANK GOD I did not want to have him arrested. We finally got a lawyer on evicting the bar guy, unless he pays his bad debt owed Mike to Brittany he's out.what a relief,he is such an asshole,hiding from us to avoid rent payment,bad checks having gang members in his bar,the same gang that killed Mike. OUT yuo bastard,welching on your debt because he's dead. New buyer looking at it this weekend and re-negotiating the commercial signs. I need some kind of property comparision for sinage to help me. I will try to get something along those lines. Everything else is going pretty well. I'm still trying to get Mike's credit report so we can run all his cards for that damn insurance payment. God help them if I find it. trying to sell those other two buildings at the same time was a stupid idea,I have more than enough work to do ,I j

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  1. I just wish there were not so many interuptions and I really need to go to a doctor for this 8 week cough that never fully leaves. trying to sell real estate when you can't talk too loud or stop coughing. home after work to a hot bath then to bed by 7pm. feeling mighty old these days.