Friday, January 8, 2010

13 i think

It's hard to remember where I left off. I don't like to reread my pain, so forward I go.last I remember jackie was trying to embezzle and extort from Brittany's estate. We held a hard line and won. Emily had taken jackie's side and was making things worse after 30 years of friendship to me and mike what a backstabber. She called and apologized a couple of days ago after jackie turned on her. I accepted her amends but fool me twice shame on me. walk away nora it's for the best.Sweet Jesus that asshole is finally gonna buy the store this week jan 14th is the closing. all that work for it to be stalled for 3 months.The 12 unit building finally fully rented.a lot of work credit checks and background checks and paperwork out the ears. I'm going to court the 13th with brittany,my first time in front of the other 2 accused assailants.The shooter got 47 years no parole. I was at counseling winding down my emotions of it all trying to gain some perspective and forward momentum.Work is my oasis,my job is fun and easy. school on the other hand starts again next week and i'm never ready. so much to do not enough time.NEED to renu my CDL licence,apply to nursing program only 2 pre-recs left,dental work to be done and for Brittany find the credit card payment so those bastards at trans america life insurance will pay her,show the building for sale ,evict the non paying tenants,find a lawyer who will take the case against the 911 center for dropping the call resulting in my brothers death.Meanwhile trying to help mr.meers sell his buildings so he can get out of Chicago.oh and the final walk through tomorrow with the buyer for Mike's store.,I better get some sleep!!!!

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  1. Keep it up, keep talking, keep writing. I'm glad you shared this with me. I would love to talk with you some time when things settle down a bit. I've been given a similar gift. but, I keep it very private. As I will respect you.